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We recommend that you take filling out the brief seriously and answer as fully as possible, because the more responsible you approach this task, the more productive the result of our cooperation will be.
A valid email address:
From which site did you come to us:
Your development tariff:
Detailed information on tariffs is presented on the website. You can pay in the "Tariffs" section http://radkelogo.ru/price Additional services are calculated separately. Pricing and a complete list of identities can be found on the website.
What name does the audience know you by?
What does your name mean?
Size, basic services, geography, activities. Where does your project operate geographically?
What market segment does the company occupy?
The question is to form a more complete image, we will not use the image of the character in the logo.
Opera, classical, pop, rock, electronic, etc.
If there is. Are you planning to change the site?
Website, invitation cards, catalog, business cards or something else ... What is the "main place" of the logo? Where will the client see him most often ?:
Please write the name exactly as it will appear in the logo (case sensitive and space sensitive).
Slogan, motto, name decoding, etc.
If the logo already existed, are there any corporate identity elements that you would like to keep?
Restrained, expressive, romantic, masculine, strong-willed, etc.
For example: a logo can either contain thematic symbols or be completely abstract.
This information will help us choose what will be displayed on the logo.
We will not reflect these images in the logo.
The fonts in the project are purely advisory in nature, only as an example of use (both free and licensed fonts). The purchase of a font license is carried out by the customer.
These can be both companies from your segment and from other areas.
If yes, attach the result. This will help us avoid repetitions.
26. Give examples of logos from our portfolio, the style of which would suit your project.
Other logos from our portfolio can be noted on the site https://logo.radkedesign.ru/portfolio. Attach the logos with a link to the project or take a screenshot in any convenient screenshot service and also attach it with a link.
27. Indicate which TYPE of logo, in your opinion, is preferable to create the desired brand image?
From the examples below.
28. What STYLE / METHOD OF GRAPHIC LOGO DECISION, in your opinion, is preferable to create the desired brand image?
Choose NO more than 5.
If the decision is made by more than one person, indicate your contact information (e-mail). It is recommended to make a decision to one official.
28. Select additional services for development, if they are relevant *
Easystaff, Мир, ЮMoney, ЮKassa


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